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Comments from the devs:

@HACHINOS_ : hoooooooo!!!!!! I'm Kei, the creator. Thank you all so much for your super cute entries!!! They're all so adorable!!! You're all the best!!! AAAAAAAAAA😭😭😭😭😭

For the winners, I picked the two that best fit the game's concept: "Kawaii violence"! I can't wait to play as Monaka wearing these outfits!!

Thank you all so much!!!AAAAAAAAAA😭😭😭😭😭

hoooooooo!!!!!! クリエイターのKeiだよ。 みんなとても可愛い絵をありがとう!!! 全部かわいい!!! みんな大好き!!!AAAAAAAAAA😭😭😭😭😭

グランプリには、ゲームのコンセプト「Kawaiiの暴力」に一番合っている2つの絵を選んだよ! この衣装を着たMonakaでプレイするのが楽しみ!!

@succeed_msd : Hi, I'm Taro Masuda, the sound designer. Thank you all so much for so many wonderful contest entries!

Since original outfits were going to be implemented in the game, cuteness was a factor in the judging process. But I also asked myself, "how fun would it be to control a character wearing this outfit?" as a basis for picking the winners!

The dev team was strongly moved and inspired by everyone's unique takes on Monaka. This isn't limited to the winners, @moldykeyk and @naughtypixel, but is something that applies to all entries across the board! (Personally, I think everyone is a winner!)

Please stay tuned for more exciting development from Monaka!

サウンド担当のますだたろうです。 この度はたくさんのご応募ありがとうございました!


今回グランプリに輝いた@moldykeykさん、@naughtypixelさんに限らず、 みなさんが思い思いのMonakaちゃんを描いてくださったことで開発チームは強い刺激を受けることができました!(個人的には全員グランプリです!)

@alyksasagawa : Hey everyone! I'm Aly, an artist, and also the one who managed this fanart contest. While it was unfortunate that most people learned about this contest on the final week of its month-long duration, it only highlights how amazing you all are for participating and showing so much interest on such short notice. I really can't thank you all enough for the support you've showered us with. Thank you all so much. You all rock!

Everyone is a winner in my book. Each piece is distinctly unique with so much playful ideas! We still had to choose two though, and I ultimately narrowed them down based on designs that I felt conveyed their ideas most simply yet effectively, as well as color choices that I felt best fit Monaka's world of Kawaii overdose. I'm really looking forward to seeing these new designs in action!

Lastly, many thanks to Graphixly for sponsoring us with Clip Studio Paint PRO codes! This contest never would have happened without their support!

It's still wild to me that we now have an English-speaking audience who knows about our game in development. I hope you will continue to follow us on our journey as we bring Monaka's Sugar High Nightmare into the real world and commence the Kawaii outbreak!

Draw Monaka from Monaka's Sugar High Nightmare and win a copy of Clip Studio Paint PRO!


macaron red Rules

  • Draw Monaka! She can be in any of her 3 in-game outfits, OR design her a new outfit! If a new outfit is chosen as a winner, it will appear in the finished game!
  • We accept both digital and traditional submissions.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed.
  • To submit, post on your social media account (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr) and add the tags #SugarHighNightmare and #MonakaContest.
  • If you cannot submit through social media (your account is private, you don't have an account, etc), email your submission to beyllcake[at]gmail[dot]com with the title Monaka Contest Submission.

Monaka Normal Monaka FairyMonaka Shadow

macaron pink Deadline

January 08, 2019 23:59PM JST (Time Zone Converter)

macaron blue Prizes

Two winners will be selected and will be gifted a copy of Clip Studio Paint PRO, provided by Graphixly. If the winning piece features Monaka in a new outfit, that outfit will appear in the finished game!

macaron green Judging

All three devs (listed below) will be judging!

Choco Berry What is Monaka's Sugar High Nightmare?

Monaka's Sugar High Nightmare is an arcade-like action game currently being developed by nokturnal studioz. The player controls Monaka, a zombie girl, and spreads a "kawaii" virus to collect sugary sweets.


Monaka's Actions that players can execute are determined by the Outfit she is wearing. Three outfits are currently confirmed from the Digital Games Expo 2018 demo: Normal, Fairy and Shadow.

Jump with Fairy.
Dash with Shadow.

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